“The devil hath not, in all his quiver's choice, An arrow for the heart like a sweet voice.” -Lord Byron

"Your voice and music are the same to me." - Charles Dickens

Hello there, I have been using my voice professionally for a number of years now. I work in adult entertainment primarily as a phone sex actress and writer for several adult websites on a weekly basis. If you happen to search “Sharon Somers” online, I wanted you to find this site in case you saw that name anywhere, I use it for a username on a site I am on offering voice over and narration work.

I have my own sites, some of which I have listed on the links page. If you are looking for voice overs, commercials, hypnosis, story reading, audio books, voice mail greetings, erotic stories, pretty much anything you’d need recorded, I can do it for you. PayPal did approve my Erotic Audio Recordings site, so if you are looking to have me record something for you, I can certainly accept payment that way. I also have an adult merchant account and can accept credit card payments. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. I cannot accept American Express. For Canadians, I can also accept Interac email money order transfers.

On the site I offer doing recordings on, I have sharonsomers as my username, but they do NOT allow adult recordings, so hopefully if anyone searches and are wanting me to do that, they will be able to find this site, and I charge 20% less than the site does as well. I have my prices set there so I make the same amount whether you order recordings through that site or with me personally, but as they do not allow adult, if you wanted an adult recording, I set this domain up so you could find me and have me do any adult recordings through my own site.